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Party in the Park

22nd PennRdPartyFlyer 1.jpg

In June every year since 1997, the Residents Association put on a successful community party, with an average attendance of over 150. Held in Penn Road Gardens, this was an open event for residents of Penn Road and the local area on the last Saturday of June, in the late afternoon. 

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to put on the Party in the Park, but have started a more Street Party approach. Kicking off with one for the late Queen's platinum jubilee, we hope this will be the model for future events.

   The Gardens offered a perfect setting, with stalls, children's activities, food, music, a raffle and a main show. It has become quite a fixture for the local neighbourhood and we get great feedback from the many who attend. It's helped bring a good sense of community to the area and attention to this precious open space in a busy borough.

   Run as a not-for-profit afternoon, any money made is used to keep costs down the following year and buy equipment and materials.

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