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Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

We like to make our road as inhospitable as possible a location for crime and anti-social behaviour.

In order to do this it is important that we report any instances of these behaviours through the appropriate channels.


While we know that police and council resources are constrained, we see excellent engagement from both bodies with the PRRA and we have seen some good results from making them aware of instances of problem behaviour.



The more accurately their data reflects what happens in the area, the more effective a conversation the PRRA can have with them about addressing any issues.

The council Community Safety team combine their data with the Met Police to look at the local picture and patterns, so even if you're unsure which channel to use, if you report it, it will be seen.

This set of data feeds into the disscussion at the regular Neighbourhood Safety meetings which PRRA representatives attend, along with other local residents' associations, the local police team and the council community safety team.

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Holloway Local Police & Crime Statistics

Our local police team currently comprises two PCs and one PCSO (Police Community Support Officer). As of May 2023, we have been told that a second PCSO will be made available with the changes bring brought in by the new Met Police Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley.

Information on local crime statistics and our local team can be found here: Metropolitan Police Service – Holloway


Reporting Crime

A crime which is in progress, regardless of its severity, should be reported to the police via 999.

Any crime which has already happened should be reported to the Met Police either by calling 101 or via the Report a Crime system on their website.

The web page takes you through a series of questions and then asks for details to be filled out in a form. This is quite a straightforward process, but a guide to using it is given below as an aid.

Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can take many forms. Some examples: rowdy behaviour; persistent excessive noise; drug use & odour (dealing is a ​crime); fly-tipping, graffiti and dog fouling (dangerous dogs should be reported to the police).

ASB should be reported to Islington council via their web page at <>.

While the council can only take direct action when their officers can witness the issue, it is important to log all instances of ASB through this page, even if the activity has ceased. This will enable a full picture of issues to be represented in council data, and where patterns of activity can be identified, it may be possible to take preventative measures.

Met Police "Report a Crime" web page guide

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