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The Association

The Penn Road Residents Association was formed in May 1997 to represents the interests of the people living in the street, particularly to organised bodies such as the council. 

   The Association's AGM is held each December, at which time a committee is elected. Open to any resident of Penn Road, people wishing to stand put their names forward and are voted then seconded on.

   The committee meets on the first Monday of every month, by Zoom and in person.

   There are also monthly gardening Sundays in the award-winning Penn Road Gardens. These take place on the last Sunday of the month between 10.00am and noon. Please come along, no experience needed, we can let you know what needs to be done.


The committee is:

Chair: Keith Hodgson 

Secretary: Karen Gibb  

Treasurer: Marion Le Lannou 

Members: Alex Fuller, Darren Govey, Neal Kirby, Merry Phillips, Alistair Neil, Chris Steele-Kendrick


For further information or to raise an issue you would like dealt with please email


Keep in touch with neighbours, 
what's going on in the street and locally via the WhatsApp group.

Please email your name, phone number and door number to

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